051: Review: 'Cars 2'

"Cars 2" is a fun thrill ride with beautiful animation and some heart. It may not attain the profundity of of a film like "The Incredibles" or "Toy Story 3," but it serves up a breathtaking good time. Movie blogger Lauren Smith and I talk about what we loved about the film, as well as where we thought it didn't quite live up to previous Pixar offerings. 

The digital tape started rolling right after seeing "Cars 2," so what you get it is our initial takes on the film, rather than a thoroughly thought-out analysis.  We also give our thoughts on the Brave teaser trailer (which is rumored to not have a debut online anytime soon) and the first "Toy Story" short, "Hawaiian Vacation."

The episode is divided into general and spoiler territory, but even in the spoiler section, we never give away anything big. Enjoy!

Read more of Lauren's film thoughts on her blog: http://somepeoplelikemovies.wordpress.com/

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