Why This Podcast?

Podcasts are my favorite way to stay informed.  You do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts, only a computer or any kind of mp3-playing device.  I personally use iTunes to automatically download all my podcasts onto my iPod for on-the-go and on-demand information about my favorite topics.

The reason I started this podcast is simple: I love Pixar.  And while this is not the first podcast to be launched about Pixar, this is the first podcast with the goal to provide weekly Pixar-related news that you can listen to at your convenience.  As you can see from my Links page, the Internet is wonderfully full of Pixar-related websites--but not everyone has the interest or time to sift through them all to stay informed.

I hope to help you out by giving you a consistent and fun summary of all things related to Pixar, that you can download and listen to on your way to work or school, or on your run or jog.  Each episode will be brief, informative, and (hopefully!) entertaining.

If you want to stay the most informed as possible for a very small amount of effort, this podcast is for you.  If you love Pixar and love talking and hearing about it, this podcast is for you.  Not sure if this podcast is for you?  Try it out and see!  My goal is to make it so that this podcast is for you!

The first episode will be available to download free on July 13, 2010.