095: Pixar Indy Projects and Other News

We highlight two very cool unofficial Pixarian projects, talk about the Oscar wins, and catch up on the latest Pixar news.

Bid on a masterclass with a Pixar Animator (and get a tour of Pixar as well!): https://secure.maestroweb.com/Default.aspx?OrgID=959

Help two other Pixar animators get an independent short off the ground: http://www.pixartalk.com/2013/02/help-pixar-artists-produce-an-independent-animated-short/

Ratatouille coming to Disneyland Paris: http://www.insidethemagic.net/2013/02/ratatouille-ride-announced-for-disneyland-paris-glow-with-the-show-ear-hats-to-debut-there-as-disney-lightears/

Some fun shenanigans from a Paperman producer: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/oscars-paperman-producer-thrown-animated-424023

Brenda Chapman's 5 Female Animator's Who Shook Up the Industry: http://brenda-chapman.com/blog/5-female-animators-who-shook-up-the-industry/

Image credit: From The Dam Keeper, an upcoming independent short film made by Pixar animators while they’re off the clock.