041: Teddy Newton (from the Pixar Talk Archive)

As Oscar Month comes to a close, we bring you one more interview with a nominated Pixarian.  Teddy Newton spoke with Pixar Talk's Greg Mariotti in June 2010 about his short film, Day and Night, which was later nominated for Best Animated Short. Greg transcribed the interview and published it on the Pixar Talk blog last year.  For the first time, we have a chance to hear that interview in its original audio format. 

To read the transcript, visit Pixar Talk: http://www.pixartalk.com/2010/06/exclusive-teddy-newton/

This episode includes clips from Teddy Newton's work in animation, all available on DVD now: -Toy Story 3 (voice of Chatter Phone), available through Disney. -The Incredibles (voice of News Narrator), available through Disney. -The Iron Giant (story artist for 1950s "Duck and Cover" sequence), avialable through Warner Bros.

Want to see more of Teddy Newton?  The Iron Giant DVD has a spotlight feature called "The X Factor" in which Brad Bird talks about this talented artist.  The segment also features the original storyboard version of the "Duck and Cover" sequence.

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