035: "Premakes" creator Ivan Guerrero

Go behind the scenes of premakes! Listen to creator Ivan Guerrero reveal how he has made modern films look like they came out half a century ago.

Ivan Guerrero is a filmmaker who has attracted national attention with his "premakes." He chatted with me about his projects. You heard it here: this isn't the last you've seen of him! Images courtesy Ivan Guerrero.

Ivan put a few Pixar easter eggs unrelated to Up in his film.  He has provided screen shots of two of them.  Before clicking on the links to see the pictures, watch the film to see if you can find them!  Give up?

Screen shot of Easter Egg #1

Screen shot of Easter Egg #2

Check out Ivan's YouTube channel here to see all of his premakes: http://www.youtube.com/whoiseyevan

And here are two version of the Up premake: first, the original, then, a frame-by-fram breakdown by Ivan:

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