033: David Laur

It's Oscar Month!  Pixar RenderMan developer David Laur comes on the show to talk about the Alfred system of RenderMan, which has earned him a Sci-Tech Academy Award this year.

The Sci-Tech Awards are given to people whose technical achievements make a significant impact in the motion picture industry, the website says.

You can read the press release on the Academy's website: http://www.oscars.org/press/pressreleases/2011/20110107.html

You can read more about RenderMan on Pixar's website here: http://renderman.pixar.com/

Click here to go to my interview with Layout Artist Craig Good, who talked about RenderMan: http://www.thepixarpodcast.com/2010/11/026-feature-07-interview-with-craig.html

Congrats to David Laur!

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