029: René de Guzman, Oakland Museum of California

In this special episode of The Pixar Podcast, I speak with René de Guzman, senior curator of art at the Oakland Museum of California, one of those responsible for bringing Pixar: 25 Years of Animation to the museum. 

I had the good fortune of going to visit the exhibit, and I hope all of you who are able will do the same before it closes on Jan 9.  The Museum is offering special additional viewing days on Monday, December 27, and Tuesday, December 28. They’ve seen almost 100,000 people to the exhibition, and are hoping to welcome many more over the holidays!

Thanks to the kind lady to took my picture when I went to the exhibit myself:

Check back for future episodes in the coming months, including an interview with David Price, author of The Pixar Touch.  Weekly news episodes will return Dec. 21.

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Image credit: René de Guzman, senior curator of art at the Oakland Museum of California. Photo courtesy East Bay Express.