069: The Simpsons, The Lorax, and Other News

An episode with several loosely-related-to-Pixar items: More on The Simpsons, a review of The Lorax, and more talk on John Carter and (100% Pixar) Brave! Guest: Hunter Phillips from 500 Days of Homer.

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In this episode, we explore the connections between Pixar and The Simpsons over the years.

We also review The Lorax, and talk about the controversial aspects of its marketing and product tie-ins.

Links for this episode:

New Japanese trailer for Brave (Do not watch if you are avoiding spoilers! I personally have not seen it myself and do not plan to):

More info about singer Julie Fowlis:

Interview with Brenda Chapman from Dec 2011 on Pixar Portal:

Stephen Colbert points out the hypocrisy in the Lorax marketing:

More on that:

How to Train Your Dragon Arena event:

LA Times interview with Andrew Stanton:

Andrew Stanton was a recent lead-off speaker at TED:

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